A young man founds selfies of a monkey in his lost phone

Zacharad opened his picture gallery and was surprised.

A young man in Malaysia says he has found selfies and videos of a monkey on his mobile phone. The man lost the phone he found in the woods behind the house.

The contents of the phone also include footage of a monkey apparently trying to eat the phone. All this content was posted on Twitter by the owner of the phone, Zachary Rodzi, after which it has been widely shared on social media.

According to 20-year-old student Zachary Roadzi, he thought his phone was stolen while he was sleeping. However, it is not yet clear how the phone went missing.

It is also not possible to confirm the circumstances of how these photos and videos came to their phone. Zacchaeus told the BBC that when he woke up at 11am on Saturday, he realized his phone was missing.

"There was no sign of theft. It just came to my mind that this is some kind of magic.

Zacchaeus lives in the southern state of Johor and is in his final year of a computer science degree. A video made at 2:00 a.m. a few hours after the phone went missing shows a monkey apparently trying to eat the phone. This video has also been sent to the BBC. In the video, the monkey stares at the phone's camera and echoes green leaves and birds in the background.

The phone also has many other pictures of monkeys, trees and plants.

Monkey Selfie; Image source ZACKRYDZ RODZI

Zackrids says he failed to find his phone. The next day, Sunday afternoon, his father saw a monkey outside the house.

The Zacchaeus then called from another phone to his phone and heard his ringtone from a nearby forest. When they got there, they found their phone lying in the mud under a palm tree.

His uncle jokingly said that maybe there was a picture of the thief in the phone. Zachary then cleaned up his phone, opened the photo gallery and was surprised because it was full of pictures of monkeys.

He said that unlike other parts of the world where monkeys live around urban areas, it has never happened in their area that a monkey has stolen anything from someone's house.

Zacchaeus suspects the monkey came in through the window of his brother's room, which was left open.

His tweet on Sunday has been liked and shared thousands of times and the incident came to the notice of the local media.

This isn't the first time a monkey's selfies have made headlines. In 2017, a two-year lawsuit between British photographer David Slater and an animal rights group over a monkey's selfie came to an end.

David Slater won the copyright lawsuit, but he promised to use 25 percent of the proceeds from the photo for animal welfare.

In 2017, selfies taken by a monkey became famous all over the world

In 2011, in the jungles of Indonesia, a macaque monkey grabbed David Slater's camera and took several selfies. Slater's position was that he had the copyrights of these world-famous and shared photos.

But People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights group, said the pictures were taken by monkeys, so it should benefit. A US court has ruled that copyright protection cannot be applied to monkeys.

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